La Motte village (www.lamotteducaire.com) lies at the heart of the French Alps in the High Provence. There, the sun shine s300 days per year, and flights leave a sumptuous impression on all pilots. At an elevation of 650m in the Grand Vallon valley, the winch operation has a plateau on its west (the Melves plateau), and you will find the mountain of the Blachere in the east, which reaches 1282m. Each winch starts will leave you with a ridge climb by the mountain. All club instructors will show you how to do that safely, a know-how which will of great help whenever you will find yourself at a low point in your future flights away from your base.

When the valley breeze blows, the first climbs will take place on the eastern edge of the Melves plateau which has received the rays of the sun in the morning. Some time later, the south and southwest sides of the Blachere will provide the best climb rates as they are ideally exposed to the sunrays and the valley breeze.

Later again, the Jalinier, the Malaup, the Bramefan, and the mountain of Jouere, will help you reach the higher grounds. Starting from La Motte, one can easily reach the mythic "Parcours du Combattant" and there have been long-long flights to the Mont Blanc and the Cervin.

When the Mistral blows, other horizons are in easy reach. In these conditions, you will have crystal-clear skies filled with lenties (lenticular clouds) a promise for unbelievable flights. The wave in Lure or the Pic de Bure will take you to high altitudes?

There is no tale, no simulator flight that can replace the breath-taking feelings of a task flown in the mountains.

So, why not come and live this thrilling experience, unless you have already lived it, under the guidance of a highly experienced instructor.